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About Us

Right Engineering is the one committed to provide Right Product to Rightly suit your project requirements.
Right Engineering is in the field of Manufacturing and Trading, serving Locally and Globally since 1987.
A respective past, the perfect present and the prospective future taking us a long way growing along with our clients.
We take this opportunity to introduce our company a highly professional in our field of expertise.

Right Engineering Products supply to the following industries:

  Power Station Industries / Substation Products
  Effluent Treatment Plants
  Petrochemical Plants
  Gas Plants
  Oil & Gas Production Platforms
  Infrastructure Development Projects like Road ways, Airport Projects, Camp
  Facilities, etc..

Our company does virtually everything in the above-mentioned fields, and we professionally outsource anything else to suit all your unique and very particular project needs.

Right Engineering Represent the following products:

    1. MV/LV Electrical Components Merlin Gerin / ABB / Siemens / Telemecanique
    2. Relays Omron
    3. Clip-on Terminals Phoenix Contacts
    4. Lighting Poles Hand Rail Poles / Swaged Tubular / Polygonal / Octagonal Poles
    5. Cable Glands Explosionproof / Weatherproof
    6. Switches Clipsal

We maintain a good amount of inventory of the products we represent in order to serve our clients in most of the cases off-the-shelf.

Our team act swiftly upon receipt of an enquiry, carefully evaluate the scope and provide you a best suited solution backed by a strong technical support thus providing a true needs of business.


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