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Heat Transfer Equipments / Recovery Systems

We are specialised in the design and manufacture of Heat transfer equipments, heat transfer systems, Heat recovery systems Chemical Equipment design etc...

a. Heat Transfer Equipments

We are designing and manufacturing various types of Heat exchangers like Shell and tube type, Fin tube type etc... The products are Oil coolers, Inter/After cooler, Air Heaters, Process Fluid Heat exchangers etc...

b. Heat Transfer Systems

The products covered in this category are oil coolers systems for Hydraulic oil, Quench oil, Lubricating oil etc.,Besides company also manufactures Refridgerated type oil cooling, Compressor air cooler, DM water cooling system, Hot generating system etc.

c. Heat Recovery System

The products covered in this category are fluegas / Air recovery unit Waste heat recovery for generating hot water, preheating of air, fuel oil heating etc.





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