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Junction Boxes

We are pioneers in manufacturing Junction Boxes.

The following types of junction boxes are being manufactured ...

    Multiway Junction Box
     Multiway Distribution Junction Box

Construction Of Material

      CRCA / MS
      STAINLESS STEEL (SS 304/316)

Area Classification

      Safe Area (WEATHER PROOF)
      Increased Safety (Exe)
      Hazardous Area (Exd) EXPLOSION

Junction Boxes are made out of CRCA/FRP/Stainless Steel designed to accommodate the required no. of terminals with adequate / comfortable space for the multi pair cable entry and distribution.

The ingress protection of the Junction Boxes shall be from IP46 to IP 66.

Designed to IP65 of IEC529 and NEMA 4 specifications

A continuous gasket is provided for the effective weatherproofing.

Internal Mounting Plate is provided to mount the DIN rail to mount Terminal Blocks, MCBs, etc..

2 Nos. Internal and 1 No. External

Earth Stud will be provided as a standard pratice.

Gland Plate is provided in order to keep the cable gland intact.

Outdoor Junction Boxes are designed with the canopy.

Dimension of the boxes are designed as per the specification requirements incorporating the no. of. Terminals, Size of the Terminals and the Incoming / Out-going Cable Sizes.

All the Junction Boxes are supplied with the Anti-Vibration Spring Loaded Terminals.

CRCA junction Boxes are finished with anti-corrosive Epoxy Powder Coated to colour RAL 7032.

Stainless Steel Junction Boxes are finished with Matt or Glossy.

Glass Reinforced Polyester Junction Boxes are supplied in Grey Colour for the Safe Area and in Black Colour for the Increased Safety Area.

Carbon fibers are added in the Exe. junction boxes to reduce static charge buildup.

Junction Box Body and the Cover are fastened by captive lid screws in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Hinges are provided for the Junction Boxes

Stainless Steel Name Plate is provided for the Junction Boxes

Transparent clear cover can be fixed if required for the visual of Instruments / Internal Components.



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