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Lighting Poles

We manufacture lighting poles for various applications

     Industrial Roads
     Commercial Roads
     Industrial Building
     Commercial buildings
     Industrial accommodation
     Sports Stadiums

Construction of Material

     Steel Tubular Poles
     Galvanizing to Standards

Construction of Swaged Tubular pole

Poles are designed and manufactured to different heights calculating the wind velocity as per IS-875 to suit the site requirements with the proper base and supplied with foundation bolts. Poles are swaged and properly welded and tested as per Indian standard IS-2713-1980.

Construction Protection

The poles after manufacturing will be cleaned both inside and outside to ensure clean and smooth surface and free from dents, rust, etc...


The entire pole is hot dip Galvanized both internally and externally after fabrication in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 or equivalent.

Junction Box

An Internal Junction box is provided on each Lighting Poles.


     Tensile test
     Chemical analysis
     Deflection test
     Permanent set test
     Drop test

Types of Pole Bracket

     Single straight
     Double straight
     Single arch
     Double arch
     Other type of fabricated

Octagonal / Polygonal Poles

Construction of Material

Material generally used to manufacture steel poles is as per BS EN 10025 or equivalent of appropriate grade, having yield strength of min. 355N/mm2 and Tensile strength of 490 to 630N/mm2.

Construction of Octagonal / Polygonal Poles

The column is constructed from Mild Steel plates cut and folded to form Octagonal or Polygonal Section.

Up to 12mtrs the poles are supplied in single section.

Pole above 12mtr. is supplied in minimum of 3 section, telescopic jointed and fillet welded with the exception of site joints.

A door is provided in the base of the pole to have clear access to equipments.

The Base Flange with welded connection to the mast fully develops the strength of the section. In addition, supplementary gussets are provided between foundation bolt holes.

The Mast is delivered to site in sections and joined with stressing equipment, thus forming a sleeve joint.





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